About us

Bouygues-Thai : Building for life


From our Asian roots in the early 1900s, Bouygues-Thai has been present in Thailand for over 30 years.


Since then, the company has been involved in a range of landmark projects, playing a pivotal role in shaping Bangkok’s skyline. Bouygues-Thai Ltd. employs 1,800 people in Thailand, all driven by the greatest and most exciting responsibility of all – building for life.


With a track record of delivering over 80 successful projects, Bouygues-Thai is recognized as a pioneer in its industry, spearheading new construction techniques and technologies across its building and energy-efficiency solutions. We deliver much more than projects. We build to create spaces, connections and opportunities. We improve daily life for millions of people by creating structures and buildings that welcome life in all its diversity, serving all our needs: housing, healthcare, education, work, tourism, leisure activities, public services, etc.


As part of a globally respected network of construction-related companies, Bouygues-Thai has the support, resources, and technical know-how to complete the most technically demanding projects. Beyond our technical expertise, we are fully committed to environmental transformation and strive to make construction sustainable and less resource intensive.


We are aware that everything we build is here to stay, and our legacy as builders will be with us for generations to come. This is why every day, we look for new solutions in order to design, renovate, and build differently. And because the people of Bouygues-Thai are our most precious asset, we ensure that everyone is safe at all times, and that human rights and ethical standards are respected.


Finally, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can achieve their full potential in their work by building a career path that reflects the values we hold dear: teamwork, simplicity, trust and pioneering spirit.