Health and Safety




  • Possession or consumption of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly forbidden on site
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements on site: Helmet, Safety spectacles, Reflective vest, Gloves and Safety boots
  • All types of earphones, radios headphones and other playing devices are banned on sites
  • Designated and safe pedestrian routes with notice and barriers
  • Prohibition on using TOYO scaffold for working platforms
  • Mandatory use of safety harness for PPE and use of ladders with handrails, platforms, mobile elevated working platforms (MEWP), and scaffolds as tools in all high level operations
  • Only rigid material (steel tubes, posts) may┬ábe used for guardrail at floor edge
  • Proper stacking of materials with tie up, racks, stoppers
  • All dangerous parts of machinery and equipment must be installed with guarding
  • Material cannot be stacked up against guardrails or mesh
  • Only trained and authorised signaler and banksman (identified with labels and yellow reflective vest) is engaged for lifting and moving plant operation